Waiting on the Lord…

Hello, Friends! It’s update time!20160527_200643edit3
Wow, it’s August already! We began to get the word out about our new life in Arizona in early March… 5 months have already passed! So it’s time to send out a note to those who have joined in our support team to let you know where we’re at.

Well – we’re still in Sarasota. We’re remaining faithful in what we know to do – being devoted to our work, to each other, to our local church body, to being a daily Light in the darkness around us, to being good stewards of our health and our time and all that God has given us…and we are waiting on the Lord. Honestly, we hoped/thought we would have moved by now, but we said “Yes!” to God and to Mission ONE, not knowing the timeframe.  We know that our Father who has opened this door for us, knows the path and the timing.  We do, however, struggle with the balance of what is our responsibility in getting us there… and what is “getting ahead of God” and trying to do things in our own strength.  We cherish your prayers in this interim time, and any tidbits of wisdom/experience/practical advice you might have to share to encourage and assist us. We recognize it’s all sacred… it’s all obedience… it’s all part of the process of following and we trust that as we remain in the Vine (Jn. 15:4,5) that this season, too, will bear good fruit.  It’s just not what we were expecting!  We thought we’d be working in the office of Mission ONE by now.

I Cor. 4:2  it is required of stewards that they be found trustworthy…
We want you to know, that NONE of the monies which are being sent in to Mission ONE for our expenses are being used yet.  Every gift is being held to begin to pay our salaries once we arrive in Scottsdale.  Bill is continuing at his job to provide for us, and Patti is using her time to serve the Lord and our community in so many ways, while she is doing what she can to spread the news of our new calling and develop our support Team.  She has also just finished her first project to assist the Mission ONE leadership which was very rewarding for her and helpful to them.

25 Year AnniversaryMissionONE25th
This is a big year for Mission ONE and we are excited to get there!  2016 marks their 25th anniversary!  It brings a change in leadership, new staff, and MANY new projects!  In the days ahead, even from Florida, we will attempt to keep you abreast of some of the most noteworthy developments, and even prayer requests from our national partners if you’d like.

Vision 2020 updatechildfeedingprgrm
To date, two of Mission ONE’s partners have implemented Missional Business strategies. Both are viable in all four pursuits of Sharing the Gospel, Economic Viability, Social Justice, and Environmental Sustainability. Three other plans have been completed and await funding. Two plans are in the final stages of development with consultants. Eight other ideas have been submitted to Mission ONE for approval and are waiting to be assigned to a consultant.

These are some of the Missional Business plans that our national partners are initiating:  various animal, fish and cash crop farms; a maternity hospital; a rental car business; a basic computer skills training center and internet café; a center for music education, production, and promotion; a boutique guesthouse; a medical records coding business; a fitness center; and a daycare center. Completed Missional Business plans are available upon request.

Thank you
You are our teammates, our go-to partners as we follow God’s leading and work to spread the Gospel in dark places where His light does not yet shine.  We ask for you to be open to the Lord speaking to you as you pray for us… that the Holy Spirit might direct you to be an advocate for us to your church, or to send our information to others you know and “do life” with who are like-hearted, or to send us referrals of people you think we should contact.

By the way, we’ve started a blog so that you can follow us online and we can cut down on paper-mail!  It is still a work-in-progress, but follow us at  https://bpkics.wordpress.com

In His service,

Bill & Patricia


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