Prayer Needs

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He makes everything beautiful IN HIS TIME  – Ecc. 3:11

We are so thankful for those who pray for us regularly and for the faithful givers and partners whose hearts have joined us in our ministry with Mission ONE.  Lord-willing, we are planning to be in Phoenix, AZ by the beginning of November.

Here are the practical specifics that you can pray with/for us about right now as we prepare.

Prayers Needed for:

  • Joy and Peace as we prepare to leave our comfort zone in so many ways – our native Sarasota and Florida climate, our roots, our church family.  We desire to “go out with Joy and be led forth with Peace.” (Is. 55:12)
  • Our relationship through all these potential stressors – for kindness and gentle words, for like-mindedness and cooperation.
  • More people and churches to be part of our support team that we may soon be fully supported and equipped to fill these roles He has asked of us at this time
  • Alertness and proper response to the tactics and attacks of the enemy to hinder us or divide us
  • Finding an economical place to live in the Phoenix area – the place where God will place us to make an impact with His light and love
  • Wisdom and unity on decision for best way to transport our belongings to AZ
  • The appropriate timing of the move with regard to Bill’s job, and his imminent conversation with his employers to communicate his leaving and our new vocation
  • If, When and How for us to visit family before we leave this side of the U.S.
  • Opportunities to visit old friends and Patricia’s former sponsors along the way if we drive cross-country and for Spirit-led connections with those He wants to partner with us

One thought on “Prayer Needs

  1. It’s scary but fun to move in faith that God will provide everything you need and so much more. I know y’all already know that 😉 Can’t wait to read about how He provides perfectly according to His wonderful plan!


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