Our New “Normal” (+BIG NEWS COMING!)

Screenshot_2018-02-19-00-15-40From Patti:   New norms. New laws… State taxes?! Ouch.
Giving up our Florida driver licenses and registrations => that really stung. We both hated no longer being Floridians on paper.
An Arizona license plate on my car. Ouch again. (but it’s BEAUTIFUL!)

Villagio at Happy ValleyWe’re in a temporary rental situation. We signed a 14 mo lease until we know the area and get more settled and have a better understanding of where it will best suit us to live.

The first weekend we drove into town we found a fabulous church that resonated with our hearts. We have been attending and connecting there, but – it’s a 45 minute drive from where we currently live. So we’ll continue to seek God both about where to live and where to be a part of His community.

Bill’s not able to bike much yet. He’s been accustomed to riding to/from work, but now that is utterly impossible with big-city roadways and aggressive traffic. He is riding on his trainer in the garage for fitness, and we take exploratory rides together in safer places on the weekends. (as seen in many of his social media posts)

Grocery stores… farmers’ markets… mechanic… bank… post office… coffee shop… all gradually being discovered.   One car to share.   Adjustments to long-standing habits and compromise on needs/wants/schedules. Long commutes, alien landscape.   We’re completely surrounded by mountains! WHAAT?! Sooooo surreal. But we love it. We marvel at them EVERY DAY and comment on the shadows and light that play on them…the shades of lavender in the evening… the endless miles of muted golds and browns and green… the sweeping vistas. You can see sooooo far! The cactus are all beginning to bloom now. There are so many different flowers in the desert! Who knew?! 20171127_174713-e1523234660871.jpgAnd don’t get us started about the SUNSETS. I didn’t think Siesta could be outdone – but boy, was I WRONG! BREATHTAKING and SPECTACULAR. Come visit and SEE!!

first-day-m1-e1514856564347.jpgWorking together in the same office… and both with SO much to learn! Fatigue. Satisfaction. Joy in serving. We feel incredibly grateful to be at Mission ONE, offering the things we can do to facilitate the spread of the Gospel on the other side of the globe. We love the staff we serve with – such integrity and faithfulness. We feel so honored to work side-by-side with them and learn from them and serve them. We feel loved and valued by them, and we see God knitting us together beautifully as a team and His hand at work among us. Praise the Lord.

From Bill:   Patti and I are working hard (sometimes too hard?) and have to remember to unplug and relax.  We’ve yet to explore the beauty and sights of Arizona at all except for the few local bike rides she mentioned.

I’m really enjoying learning more about Mission ONE’s ministry, even as it is evolving. We’re “steeping” in ministry history and reports from the overseas partners, as well as familiarizing ourselves with the training resources which have been produced for the Church.  This training side of the ministry is really taking off in amazing ways.  With the completion of the book,“The Global Gospel” and the production of an evangelistic Bible tract using the story of the Prodigal Son and the language of “Honor and Shame”, they are truly serving the Church at large.  (“The Father’s Love” is available in multiple languages.) I’m seeing that an understanding of the concepts of Honor and Shame in Scripture is critical for today’s Christian, as it directly relates to the cultures and issues of today’s majority world. This curriculum can equip believers to effectively share the Gospel cross-culturally, both on the foreign field… and right here at home where the nations have come to us. I’ve been assisting with the logistics behind creating a webinar-based learning platform for this material which just began last week.  (Click here for more info)

I’ve spent a lot of time integrating a new virtual office communication infrastructure for the Mission ONE staff and have high hopes for how this technology will help us moving forward to have an even more effective team. Whew! What a challenge that was as my knowledge (and patience!) were being stre-e-e-tched! I’ve also been privileged to be involved in weekly early morning Skype meetings with one of our native pastors in India, regarding the development of his missional business plan.

Then there’s Patti’s work. I can’t begin to tell you what a blessing she has been to Mission ONE already. She has already made such a difference with her administrative and relational skills and her heart for people that everyone he is breathing a sigh of relief that the Lord brought someone along of her capabilities. (Plus they enjoy her spoiling them regularly with homemade baked goods!)

Even though we’re not yet fully supported, we know without a doubt that God brought us here at the right time. His time, for this season of Mission ONE’s story. But it’s all HIS story. And as Mission ONE always says – it’s all about,,,

20180128_165950.jpgSo…. these are thoughts and snapshots of our experiences and feelings beginning this new life here in Arizona. It’s so different. It’s so challenging. And we trust it will be so fruitful in whatever ways God intends…as we remain faithful and TRUST… and, “do the next thing”. (Remember that poem we love? It’s on the blog.)

So that catches you up-to-date.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the “BIG NEWS” of what lies immediately ahead.



4 thoughts on “Our New “Normal” (+BIG NEWS COMING!)

  1. Thank you so much for sharing,
    for serving and stepping out in faith.!!
    Moved. New roomie, not yet a beliver. Focus on improving my Turkish. Street outreach, refugee program, Bible mailing team. Love and prayers from Istanbul .


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