And the “Big News” is…

Travel – Home AND Abroad airplane 3
in the next month!

Patti’s siblings have arranged a mid-week family reunion during the week of April 14th and have graciously provided for us to come back home for a visit. We never thought we’d be back this soon! We’ll be at our home church, Calvary Chapel of Sarasota, at all services the weekend of April 21st and 22nd. We can’t wait to see everyone! We’ll be attending church at Faith Community Christian Fellowship in Nokomis the prior Sunday, April 15th, and will be fellowshipping with our Home Group at the Woodruff’s that evening. We expect to connect with our friends at the Superior Word at their Thursday evening service on the 19th. We would love to have a few share-gatherings to maximize time with as many as would want to meet up with us!

Please contact us to set something up. We will have Saturday night the 14th available, week nights, or even time for a few morning coffee dates. How about a group beach walk? The whole weekend of the 22nd and 23 is open as well. Dinner after Saturday service? Or First Watch after church Sunday?

MAY 1st, 2018 – KENYA!!

We’re going to Africa! Mission ONE has organized a gathering of all our national ministry leaders from Kenya, South Sudan, and Togo in a central location, to provide a time of training, enrichment, and personal renewal in a retreat setting for these who sacrifice so much for the sake of the Gospel. There will be training in Biblical marriage principles for their own strengthening and benefit as well as helping them be better equipped to help others. We will also be discussing their burgeoning missional business strategies and sustainability issues that impact their ministries.

We are so blessed to be able to have this opportunity so soon to be able to make personal connections with these brothers and sisters who we have upturned our lives to serve. Amazing.

*Thank you for reading our news.
*Thank you for loving and supporting us. We need you.
*Thank you for praying and giving and texting and calling. We miss you.

If we don’t see you in Sarasota… 
=> watch for our trip report upon our return in May!


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