Kenya Trip Report May 2018 – Marriage Enrichment Retreat

National missionary leaders, pastors and U.S. Mission ONE staff

At 9am in Phoenix, we headed for the airport with our own luggage plus 150 lbs. of textiles for a women’s sewing school in Kijabi, Kenya. 28 hours later, grateful and bedraggled, we arrived at our final destination in Limuru, Kenya.

Please look through our photo-journal below! Click on any photo to see it full-size.

Mission ONE had organized a retreat for our native pastors in Africa and their spouses, to provide marriage enrichment teaching and a time of spiritual/personal renewal. The work of the ministry puts serious strain on even healthy marital relationships. Increased ministry and fruitfulness leads to more “busy-ness”, and spreading the Gospel among unreached and unevangelized peoples draws the attacks of the devil and increased spiritual warfare.

The trip to Kenya was everything we’d hoped it would be and more. This was my (Bill’s) second time in Kenya with Mission ONE, however, it was Patricia’s first. I saw God at work in many ways, but first, was through my wife. I was able to witness first-hand her gift in cross-cultural communication as she related with our African partners. She connected easily at a heart-level with many of the pastors’ wives and was absolutely in her element. I was truly humbled by her ability and am inspired to grow in that area.

The second way I saw God at work was in the hearts and lives of the attendees. The group setting that Mission ONE’s founder, Bob Schindler, had wisely arranged, proved a safe place where they could openly share, discuss, and hear and learn from their spouses, one another, and the Lord. We witnessed sincere introspection, revelation, repentance, commitment to change, joy, worship, brotherly love, and mutual support among the partners in attendance. It was beautiful, and I was amazed to find that while we live in very different cultural and physical environments, their challenges in marital dynamics and communication are the same as ours.

Here are a few of the comments we received from those in attendance –

“Thank you so much for the privilege you offered to us in the marriage retreat. Thank you for the teachings. We thank God. We had a good time with my husband. To speak truthfully, we lack such moments. I realized we somehow always give time to the ministry and the church, and don’t get our own time as a husband and a wife. And each one of us just lives in our own world! I thank God that I realized that is not the way. We are now trying to find at least one hour in week for us to pray and talk together.”

“We praise God for the marriage retreat which went well. My wife and I appreciate your concern for marriage couples. Devil knows difficulties of struggles of two people to live together, wife and husband. He knows their weaknesses and problems. As a result, he anticipates continual attacks in these areas so [they] surrender to his will by either terminating the marriage or live in hateful life that grieves the Holy Spirit. We have benefited a lot from your teachings and we continue to submit our lives at Jesus’s feet in repentance. We are committed to do what is required of us as godly partners. May God bless you.”

We also met with each leader in attendance to discuss their missional business projects and the next steps forward together with Mission ONE. It was a very fruitful and productive time on many levels. We feel so grateful for the supportive role we have in the effective works being accomplished for the glory of the Lord through His faithful servants in Africa.

Below is a video of some in attendance who wanted to thank MissionONE and all donors for the privilege and blessing of the marriage retreat. And WE, too, are grateful for those of you who gave and prayed and who make our service through Mission ONE possible.


That all may know Him,

Bill & Patricia Kics



11 thoughts on “Kenya Trip Report May 2018 – Marriage Enrichment Retreat

  1. Go Kics! Keep being good and faithful servants of our great and mighty Lord Jesus Christ! God bless you both and peace be with you two! Look forward to seeing you both back in Sarasota one of these days. Chris

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I know you guys had the best time. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this wonderful adventure. The pictures brought it to life! God bless you as you continue to work for the Lord!! Whoo hoo!


  3. Have enjoyed the pictures and reports on conference. Marriage was always important to Tom and I. Our 65th anniversary was 5 weeks after his death. I’m lonely but busy. Moved into independent senior apt. With lots.of.residential neighbors. May God bless you and keep you. Marilyn Johnson


  4. What a wonderful way to watch the Lord at work. You two look right at home among the natives. How the Lord does shine on all the faces. Mission One had such wisdom to organize a marriage seminar. Can we come to the next one? Ha!Ha! Blessings galore, Ellen & Duane


  5. Patti and Bill,
    It’s so good to hear from you and to see all the good things that you are doing! I hope all is going well with you. I look forward to seeing you again, someday =) God Bless!
    Linda H


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