Day to Day Ministry Operations

Thank you for partnering with us. I’m truly humbled by your devotion to the work of the Lord, and it keeps me mindful and diligent, knowing that I’m not alone and all of you are in this with us for the sake of the Gospel. Thank you also for all of your prayers and praises in response to our last report on our Africa trip.

                Psalm 118:23 “This is the LORD’S doing; It is marvelous in our eyes.”

Overseas travel like that will comprise a small percentage of our time. As Mission ONE staff, we are engaged in what one would call, “day to day ministry operations”, which amounts to pretty much what anyone else does who works in an office. We drive 17 miles to work daily on a very busy freeway. We arrive at the office, make our coffee and work in front of a computer. What we both do encompasses all the necessary background work toward accomplishing a greater goal, so today I’d like to give you an inside look at our tasks:

Patricia’s Role —
I’m not being biased when I say that Patricia is a tremendous blessing to Mission ONE.  She has dug-in and quickly learned the complex donor software that is NOT user-friendly. Beyond all the data entry, she spontaneously writes-to and calls donors to bless and pray with them. She invites people into the Mission ONE office to know us and pray with us. In addition, she has enriched the long-established Mission ONE habit of weekly prayer time. After our trip to Africa, she initiated the change to begin to include all our overseas partners. Her heart was for them to also have the joy and honor of

New SoF Church
New Church building construction in Ethiopia

reciprocating in praying for the requests of our staff and board as we intercede for them. She has enjoyed seeing the fruit of this through many grateful and supportive emails from our frontline partners who have been tremendously blessed by her prayer initiative.  We are all well-aware of the strategies of the enemy, so having everyone closely associated with the ministry praying with and for each other is powerful and Spirit-inspired.


It’s the regular communications from the partner ministries for whom Mission ONE exists that encourage and inspire us the most.  For example, above, is a new church building going up for a new church plant in Ethiopia.  We have been praying and trusting the Lord along with them for this blessing. (Next month I’ll be writing more about how the Lord is moving in Ethiopia!)

Patricia communicates regularly with each partner overseas and uses her skills to edit and enhance the photos and reports we get from them. “Why do they need editing?”, you might ask?  Well, besides security concerns, most are in broken English and she must work hard to discern meaning and reword them for proper communication and context before they are sent to the friends and supporters who ultimately receive the reports. She also edits anything from emails to webinar materials for all of us, and handles the fulfillment of all orders of Mission ONE teaching materials. She answers the phone and takes care of daily office operations and supplies. (And… she bakes scones for the staff regularly!)

Bill’s Role —

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 3.17.46 PM
Screenshot of webinar series “Journey of Discovery in Honor Shame and the Gospel”

My duties include: reviewing partner Missional Business plans, Communications, IT and social media.  I do a lot of planning and strategizing with others to bring the vision and faces of Mission ONE to the public.  I study communication metrics to determine the best platforms to use for how and what we are communicating. I’ve had the immense pleasure of working with Werner Mischke, the author of “The Global Gospel” book and helped facilitate his webinar series. What an experience and honor it was to host a webinar and communicate with mission leaders and missionaries from all over the world!

Multi-Purpose Meeting Hall to bring in revenue and train pastors

Most recently I’ve worked together with IBEC Ventures to complete a business plan for our partner in India, HBI (Hindustan Bible Institute).  This included several meetings at 5 am!  I discovered I can be remarkably on task at that hour, much to my surprise.  Now I’m communicating with a pastor in Kenya and beginning the missional business plan for his ministry.  I expect to do more traveling, as needed, to assist our partners with these matters.

Prayer Points:

• Patricia’s brother in-law, Dale, just went to be with Jesus. Please pray for the family during this difficult season of loss and change.

• Please pray for our time management in general as there’s more work to do than we have time for and we need to remember to rely on each other more and unplug when necessary.

• Pray for all the decisions and relationships involved in settling into life in Arizona.

• Pray that we reach our full support goal soon, so we can not only stay at Mission ONE, but be able to travel and fulfill all our ministry duties. We will be flying home to Florida in October to have some key meetings and hope to be fully-funded upon our return. Pray for new connections, miracles, and like-hearted people to join our support team.

That all may know Him,
Bill & Patricia Kics


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