The Lord is at work in Ethiopia

In our last update, I promised to give you news from Ethiopia. Brother Negash is our team leader there, and he sent us several good reports over the last few weeks. Here are some excerpts:4

“On Saturday, October 27th, 99 people were baptized for His glory! … The baptism work was amazing and the first of its kind since we started to work with these churches in the countryside…the ministers in the area have done their best in teaching and visiting, truly giving themselves to His people.”

“In Senkele,16 people were baptized at the Alito River which is about a 30-minute walk from the church. Members of the church along with the new converts were singing in their going and coming from the river and people were watching from the fields and their homes. It was a great witnessing of the gospel to those who were watching.”newsletter photo
“The second baptism was on Sunday morning the 28th in the river called Teji and the number of baptisms was 83 from 2 churches, Kule Gefersa, and Demu KHC.  Those baptized were between the ages of 11-60, and among these, two of the men were in witchcraft and one young lady is deaf.”

“Here is a photo from another baptism we just had on November 11th, at a place called Buni. We baptized 38 people and it was amazing. Four ladies and one young boy were also freed from demonic power.”

“Three weeks ago we had 16 baptized at Burayu Prison! Since I started the prison ministry this was the third baptism we’ve had! “

“Love you all and pray the Lord will keep us connected in doing His work to make a difference in the lives of the lost.”

This is just one small part of how He is using our Mission ONE family for His purposes and glory among the nations!

In addition to the above field reports, Bill had the honor and opportunity to speak in aScreen Shot 2018-11-27 at 12.47.34 PM panel discussion at the New Zeal Missions Conference in Phoenix on the 10th of November. The purpose of the conference was to connect churches, cultures, and people from across the Phoenix valley and discuss their personal experience and challenges with reaching people for Christ within their sphere of influence. We felt God’s Spirit that evening and look forward to more local opportunities like this. Bill will be meeting with theScreen Shot 2018-11-27 at 12.49.03 PM coordinator of the conference to assist with the planning of future events.

(See more pictures below)

**Please keep us in prayer for God’s provision through our end-of-year fundraising efforts. **

That ALL may know Him,

Bill & Patricia Kics


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