Prayer Needs

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He makes everything beautiful IN HIS TIME  – Ecc. 3:11

We are so thankful for those who pray for us regularly and for the faithful givers and partners whose hearts have joined us in our ministry with Mission ONE.  Lord-willing, we are planning to be in Phoenix, AZ by the beginning of November.

Here are the practical specifics that you can pray with/for us about right now as we prepare.

Prayers Needed for:

  • Joy and Peace as we prepare to leave our comfort zone in so many ways – our native Sarasota and Florida climate, our roots, our church family.  We desire to “go out with Joy and be led forth with Peace.” (Is. 55:12)
  • Our relationship through all these potential stressors – for kindness and gentle words, for like-mindedness and cooperation.
  • More people and churches to be part of our support team that we may soon be fully supported and equipped to fill these roles He has asked of us at this time
  • Alertness and proper response to the tactics and attacks of the enemy to hinder us or divide us
  • Finding an economical place to live in the Phoenix area – the place where God will place us to make an impact with His light and love
  • Wisdom and unity on decision for best way to transport our belongings to AZ
  • The appropriate timing of the move with regard to Bill’s job, and his imminent conversation with his employers to communicate his leaving and our new vocation
  • If, When and How for us to visit family before we leave this side of the U.S.
  • Opportunities to visit old friends and Patricia’s former sponsors along the way if we drive cross-country and for Spirit-led connections with those He wants to partner with us

Preparing to MOVE cross-country

Yes, we are leaving!!!van

Exactly a year has passed since we updated you on our whereabouts and financial status. Since then we have been continuing in what we know to do, faithful in prayer and local service, and in sharing our calling to work with Mission ONE.  Then, in the last month, both of us felt in our spirit, “It’s time to go”.  Through much prayer and seeking the counsel and blessing of our church leadership, we have begun making arrangements to move to Arizona in October.  In answer to the question that has been posed to us many times, “Are you fully supported now?!” — the answer is, “Not even close.” However, we are stepping out in faith and obedience and we fully believe the Lord will supply what we need. The Word of God says,Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass.” (I Thes.5:24) NASB  We feel compelled (“pushed”?!) to go, like the eagle whose nest has been made prickly and uncomfortable and the mother is beckoning (pushing) him to fly! We currently have approximately 30% of our support committed from monthly donors and a total of about 50% when including other gifts.  Understandably, Mission ONE would prefer we have pledges for 100% of our support need and are concerned about us being able to live and pay our bills, but we can’t deny that we still feel it’s time to go.  (not that it’s COMFORTABLE!) “Ease” isn’t represented in scripture, but God’s provision and faithfulness are and once again we are “doing the next thing”.  A beloved poem by that name is printed in the About Us section of the blog but it’s time to put it here as well. This was a lifelong favorite of Elizabeth Elliot and has been meaningful to us:

Moment by moment, let down from heaven, 
time, opportunity, guidance are given.
Fear not tomorrow, child of the King,
trust that to Jesus, and do the next thing.
Do it immediately, do it with prayer.

Do it reliantly, casting all care.
Do it with reverence, tracing His hand,
Who placed it before you with earnest command.
Leave all resultings…and do the next thing.
                                                 … author unknown

So, will you pray with us?  May all hindrances be removed, “May God arise and the enemy be scattered” (from Psalm 68:1)  AND, may our marriage continue to grow and thrive in Christ and our unity be ever greater in this potentially stressful season.

Obviously, this was the most pressing news to get out, but in the next few days we’ll post highlights from the past year that we really want to share with those who love and support us, as well as a list of specific ways you can pray for us (which we already shared with our church family). In the meantime, please consider if you could be an advocate for us to your church, or could give our information to people that you know and “do life” with who are like-hearted for the work of the Kingdom.  Those connections are the best and are a great way for you to help us, and facilitate various parts of the body of Christ working together for a common goal.

Waiting on the Lord…

Hello, Friends! It’s update time!20160527_200643edit3
Wow, it’s August already! We began to get the word out about our new life in Arizona in early March… 5 months have already passed! So it’s time to send out a note to those who have joined in our support team to let you know where we’re at.

Well – we’re still in Sarasota. We’re remaining faithful in what we know to do – being devoted to our work, to each other, to our local church body, to being a daily Light in the darkness around us, to being good stewards of our health and our time and all that God has given us…and we are waiting on the Lord. Honestly, we hoped/thought we would have moved by now, but we said “Yes!” to God and to Mission ONE, not knowing the timeframe.  We know that our Father who has opened this door for us, knows the path and the timing.  We do, however, struggle with the balance of what is our responsibility in getting us there… and what is “getting ahead of God” and trying to do things in our own strength.  We cherish your prayers in this interim time, and any tidbits of wisdom/experience/practical advice you might have to share to encourage and assist us. We recognize it’s all sacred… it’s all obedience… it’s all part of the process of following and we trust that as we remain in the Vine (Jn. 15:4,5) that this season, too, will bear good fruit.  It’s just not what we were expecting!  We thought we’d be working in the office of Mission ONE by now.

I Cor. 4:2  it is required of stewards that they be found trustworthy…
We want you to know, that NONE of the monies which are being sent in to Mission ONE for our expenses are being used yet.  Every gift is being held to begin to pay our salaries once we arrive in Scottsdale.  Bill is continuing at his job to provide for us, and Patti is using her time to serve the Lord and our community in so many ways, while she is doing what she can to spread the news of our new calling and develop our support Team.  She has also just finished her first project to assist the Mission ONE leadership which was very rewarding for her and helpful to them.

25 Year AnniversaryMissionONE25th
This is a big year for Mission ONE and we are excited to get there!  2016 marks their 25th anniversary!  It brings a change in leadership, new staff, and MANY new projects!  In the days ahead, even from Florida, we will attempt to keep you abreast of some of the most noteworthy developments, and even prayer requests from our national partners if you’d like.

Vision 2020 updatechildfeedingprgrm
To date, two of Mission ONE’s partners have implemented Missional Business strategies. Both are viable in all four pursuits of Sharing the Gospel, Economic Viability, Social Justice, and Environmental Sustainability. Three other plans have been completed and await funding. Two plans are in the final stages of development with consultants. Eight other ideas have been submitted to Mission ONE for approval and are waiting to be assigned to a consultant.

These are some of the Missional Business plans that our national partners are initiating:  various animal, fish and cash crop farms; a maternity hospital; a rental car business; a basic computer skills training center and internet café; a center for music education, production, and promotion; a boutique guesthouse; a medical records coding business; a fitness center; and a daycare center. Completed Missional Business plans are available upon request.

Thank you
You are our teammates, our go-to partners as we follow God’s leading and work to spread the Gospel in dark places where His light does not yet shine.  We ask for you to be open to the Lord speaking to you as you pray for us… that the Holy Spirit might direct you to be an advocate for us to your church, or to send our information to others you know and “do life” with who are like-hearted, or to send us referrals of people you think we should contact.

By the way, we’ve started a blog so that you can follow us online and we can cut down on paper-mail!  It is still a work-in-progress, but follow us at

In His service,

Bill & Patricia

Moving forward…

The past 3 weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind for us as we have kicked off our support raising efforts! Calvary_Chapel_School_353763
On February 21st we presented Mission ONE to a small gathering at our home church, Calvary Chapel of Sarasota. Bob Schindler and Paul Clayton of Mission ONE spoke about the history of Mission ONE as well as the newest direction God has laid on their hearts for the future of the ministry and its partners overseas. They explained the “Vision 20/20” program and how this will enable each of the national partner ministries to be self-sustaining, while giving them another viable way to share the gospel and help the community. Paul, the Missional Business director, reviewed fundamental principles of missional business, and shared multiple stories from the field of fruitful missional business efforts. Our future roles with the ministry were explained and questions from the congregation were answered.  It was very encouraging for us.20160226_192009

Last week we were blessed to attend part of the annual Missions conference at First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks. It allowed us to spend more time with our future leaders and colleagues, Bob and Paul, as well as Bob’s wife, Linda, and we were inspired by the session entitled, “Building Strong Cross Cultural Partnerships” which Bob taught.

Friday night’s closing session opened with a procession of national flags as they introduced missionaries and missions organizations from around the world. This was 20160226_194743followed by an incredible hour of worship led by recording artists, Shane & Shane (Patti’s FAVORITES!).

Saturday we attended the Voice of the Martyrs Conference at Calvary Chapel of St. Petersburg. Heart-breaking…inspirational…challenging…humbling… powerful… these are some of the adjectives that come to mind of how we felt as we listened to the speakers and prayed together in a great chorus for the persecuted body of Christ around the world. How we love and support this great ministry and their workers in every country. And it was a joy to learn that some of the conference speakers who serve in dangerous places know and work with some of the nationals who are a part of Mission ONE! It IS a “small world after all” to our great God.

We ask you to please lift us up in prayer as we move forward. We are anxious (in a good way!) to get to Arizona and begin working with Mission ONE. We are keeping Isaiah 55:12 in mind as we prepare our hearts to leave our beloved Sarasota, church, family and friends. Please agree with us as we uproot and set out on this new journey: “For you will go out with joy and be led forth with peace; The mountains and the hills will break forth into shouts of joy before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.”

Pray that our financial support goal will be reached quickly so we can get on our way; pray that once that is attained we can find appropriate housing and that the move will go smoothly as the Father ordains each of our steps. And please consider partnering with us as we are trusting God to provide for our finances so we can serve the unreached, the poor and oppressed through Mission ONE.

A Note from Mission ONE

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe are so grateful to God for bringing Bill and Patricia Kics to work with us at Mission ONE. “This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.” (Psalm 118:23)

The Mission ONE team has been praying for God to bring the right people to help fulfill our vision. For nearly 25 years, we have partnered with indigenous national mission organizations in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. These partners have faithfully and sacrificially proclaimed the Gospel of Christ, primarily among Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and animistic peoples. Over the years, our national missionary partners have reported nearly a quarter of a million conversions to Christ and planted nearly 5,000 new churches.

One of our current initiatives is to empower our partners toward sustainability and greater ministry impact through missional business. I believe that Bill’s “desire to use his business mind and problem solving abilities for Kingdom business” will be used by God mightily in advancing His kingdom through Mission ONE partnerships. As Mission ONE’s Project Manager, Bill will be invaluable in the process of implementing the missional business strategies developed with our partners. Bill’s experience, skill-set, and desire to “make a difference” are an ideal match for the opportunities ahead of Mission ONE.

Patricia is a perfect “fit” for us as Executive Assistant. Her years of experience in administration and customer relations, as well as on the mission field, will be a powerful combination in serving Mission ONE leaders. Plus, Patricia’s “longing to be back in cross-cultural ministry” will be fulfilled in this new assignment from God.

Bill and Patricia say, “For eight years we have been seeking God’s purpose in uniting our lives at a later stage of life…for His use of the practical and administrative gifts we both have for Kingdom purposes. We see in Mission ONE the culmination of these things.” We couldn’t agree more. Your encouragement of Bill and Patricia through your prayers and financial support will be deeply appreciated.

Blessings in Christ,
Bob Schindler


Scottsdale, Arizona!

The trip we mentioned at the end of our last post was to visit Mission ONE’s home office images-1in  Scottsdale, Arizona. Patti and I were asked by the leadership of the ministry to explore the idea of joining them on staff.  So we recently flew out for a visit and spent 3 days in fellowship and discussion about our potential roles there.

We would both receive reasonable pay for our full time work, but we would be responsible for raising the amount of money the ministry will need to cover our salaries and benefits.

We would ask for you to join in prayer with us over the next few weeks as we seek to discern God’s plan in all these recent events and to have the courage to follow His call in a possible new direction, new season in our lives. It would mean leaving our home, our jobs, our local church family of so many years and to step out in faith that God will raise up a team of people to partner with us by funding our salaries as we work for the Kingdom through Mission ONE.

Kenya/Italy Report

Hi Everyone, equator
Bill here. Sit down…this will take a while to be thorough.

First I want to say “thank you” for praying for us while we were away. Satan was working diligently at stopping the good work God had for us to do. Thanks to the prayers of the saints and the grace of God, we were both able to push on through sickness.

The reason for the trip I participated in was Business as Mission. (See “What is Missional Business”) The following are who were involved and why:

  • Mission ONE – Mission ONE supports key leaders and teams of national (or indigenous) evangelists and church planters in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. These teams conduct evangelism, church planting and holistic ministry among unreached peoples, those who have little or no access to hearing the gospel of Christ. Mission ONE’s latest focus is the Vision 20/20 program. Its goal is to assist all their national ministry partners to become financially self-sustaining through Missional Businesses by the year 2020.
  • IBEC Ventures – IBEC helps build sustainable businesses through consultative expertise to change lives and transform communities. Their vision is an increasing number of small-to-medium sustainable Kingdom businesses with a special emphasis on areas that are both economically impoverished and spiritually unreached.
  • And Me – My purpose in going was to observe and perhaps add to the discussions with MissionOne’s partners as they seek to create holistic and sustainable Kingdom businesses to the glory of God.

The goal for this trip was to discuss the Vision 20/20 program with the national partners gathered from surrounding areas. Each of them had previously been given a questionnaire to fill out that would help us to help them with Missional Business ideas and/or business plans.

My trip to Kenya was the single most eye-opening and encouraging experience of my life. I wasn’t surprised by the poverty or how the people deal with hunger daily, but rather, I was deeply moved by how devoted they are to God and how they rely on Him so completely in the midst of it. I was also surprised to see how in- tune they are to the need for Missional Business and to how essential it has become in spreading the gospel effectively throughout the world today.

During the 8-day trip from Nairobi to Eldoret to Kisumu and back to Nairobi again, the Vision 20/20 plan was well-received by all the partners. Our time together was priceless and I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to work with such Christ-centered business people who truly place the mission of God before all else in their business dealings. The most important point as we reviewed different business ideas was defining how the gospel would be spread through each concept presented.
Then, I left Nairobi to meet up with Patti in Rome before heading home together. Patti’s evangelism efforts in Italy were amazing and now its her turn to share.

( Patti) THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who invested in prayer both for me and for the 4 precious ladies with whom I intended to share the Truth of the Gospel. I am in awe of and grateful for the ways in which the Holy Spirit orchestrated the circumstances of my days. He went before me and prepared the soil of the hearts who would receive the seed of the Gospel. He set up Divine Appointments everywhere I went each day… on the street, in the train, in the grocery store, at coffee bars…yes, even in (my personal favorite) an ice cream shop. 🙂  He instigated encounters and conversations and questions in ways I never could have done!

While sidelined by sickness in a small town the first 2 days, I got to have deep and meaningful conversations with several people (FABULOUS stories of how God set up these opportunities! Ask me about the B&B owner…and the “flagpole”… and the sculptor!) investing time and sharing the Gospel with them in significant ways. I now have many new friends there, strategic relationships for the Kingdom, and many seeds were sown. May they be watered and bear fruit unto Salvation! And even in the midst of the worst of my sickness, during the long hours of one sleepless night … I was blessed with a rare and deep experience in intercession… praying/declaring over the city and over the lives of a few I had interacted with.   Praise God!

Then, on to the town I had lived in for 4 years and individual time with “my girls”.
One girl’s heart was so ripe. It had been 11 years since I had seen her. I couldn’t believe that within 5 minutes of our meeting and in the middle of the espresso bar, the conversation turned to Christ! Then we sat in her car for over 2 hours outside a store we intended to go into. She practically pulled explanations out of me with question after question and honest introspection and tears. She decided to begin reading the Bible. I am compiling some resources in Italian for her. Unfortunately, there are so few.

Another listened to me and allowed me to share the Truth…but didn’t HEAR. She didn’t receive it. Our relationship is open and loving and we stay in regular contact, so I can only keep praying for a change. Wealth and beauty and comfort and status…the pride of life…are powerful distractions from the enemy.

The third precious lady received the Word with joy, and said she believes that she does already know Jesus. Then immediately after that comment, our private conversation was abruptly interrupted by a crowd of people flooding into the small kitchen, so I was unable to further that line of discussion and confirm it with prayer. We, too, are in regular contact and I’m praying for her to have the time soon for a follow-up phone conversation. I know she believes in God and wants to follow Him to the best of her present knowledge. And He is graciously leading her “in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake”! To be continued!

And the fourth, well that’s just another amazing story of how the Holy Spirit opened up conversation and caused her to listen….through circumstances I NEVER could have imagined or strategized myself. She is very confused …broken…closed to the religion she sees all around her…and seeking truth in new age teachers/gurus. Although she loves me deeply, she never would listen or talk about Jesus with me. This time – God used her beloved boyfriend to be the catalyst. I’d love to share the story with you! But as this man asked all the questions and discussed many topics with me….she listened —through all of a long lunch together…and then intentionally continued again at dinner and late into the evening.

In fact, in all the years I lived there and was particularly close to this last girl’s family, I never had such opportunities with them as I had in these few brief days. In a room with all her siblings, I was able to pray over her brother who is undergoing chemotherapy. He had never heard a spontaneous prayer before! He said he had expected me to pray a recited prayer like the “Our Father” when I asked if I could pray for him! All were in tears after hearing a heartfelt discourse with the Father! And I was even able to frankly share the need for Jesus (and the difference between religion and relationship) with a young lady in the family who was only 8 when I left, and with her mother. If you only knew how this meeting in itself was a miracle. How I Praise God for all He is doing and for using me to call to these that He loves!

Of course I am continuing to pray for all these with whom I connected during that week and to continue in intentional relationship with many. I am praying for their understanding of sin and God’s true plan of salvation! For freedom from religious and other strongholds. And I’m praying about the possibility of doing a discipleship course with any of these ladies, thanks to the wonders of modern technology.

For those who love pictures and more details… COME ON OVER! We’ll feed you AND have Show-and- Tell!! 🙂 And Bill will love to tell you more about the precious saints who impacted his life.

More news to come soon as we’ll report about another trip.

That His Name be praised in ALL the earth…

Bill & Patti Kics


Dear Family,

Hmmm… how do we  make this as concise as possible when the details are so cool and God-honoring?!!!  Bill and I are asking for your prayers during the next 2 weeks. We fly out together on Sunday, the 22nd, but we are going in two different directions, both on Kingdom business.

Bill’s trip: Through quite an obviously NON-coincidental string of circumstances, Bill is going to Kenya next week with the leaders of a ministry that I/we have supported for over 20 years!

Mission ONE is an organization that I, and then later we, have known-of and supported since the early 1990’s.  I had contacted the ministry office a few weeks ago just about a donation receipt for our taxes, and learned that the founder, Bob Schindler, was speaking at a missions conference here in Florida.  I was able to make contact with him and as they were under 2 hours away, invited he and his wife over for brunch that very Sunday.  Originally they were sure they didn’t have any available time, but then their scheduled plans were cancelled suddenly, and there they were, at our door! We were looking forward to the chance to serve them, to hear the latest partner-news, and to prayer together.  Truth be told however, Bill was really down that day and struggling to be in a “good mood”.  Despite the enemy’s sabotage tactics, the Holy Spirit led the conversation according to His plans.  As we answered their questions about us, we shared our desire to be actively involved in world missions, as well as where we are at in this stage of our lives. Bill was talking about the work and vision of another ministry that we had great interest in assisting… and all about “Missional Business”. Bob turned to his wife and winked, and next thing we knew – he said he understood now why he was in our home, and he invited Bill to go to Kenya with him in 3 weeks.  It turns out that Mission ONE is moving into a new season…with the goal that each of their indigenous partners in many nations can start missional businesses and become self-sustaining and no longer rely upon foreign funds. This business development for the spread of the Gospel is basically what Bill has been learning about and wanting to be a part of since we took the “Perspectives” class 2 years ago that you may have heard us talk about.

Important extras:
*Bill’s boss allowed him to go, even though there is a strict 30-day-notice policy for time off!
*Also, we “just happened” to have put $$$ aside 2 years ago when some unexpected money came in, and allocated it to a future ministry trip for Bill.  It is just enough to cover the flights and expenses for this trip, which otherwise could not have been possible out of our tight budget, especially on such short notice!

Mission ONE partners with native Believers who are living and sharing the Gospel with unreached peoples in the most closed and restricted countries of our time. This is more of a strategy-forming trip, R&D, not one planned for hands-on ministry at this time (though they will certainly be open to ANYTHING God will open doors to do through them while they are there!)  We are asking God to further order Bill’s steps and clearly speak to His heart during this trip with direction for our service as a couple for His glory among the nations.  Please partner in prayer with us as the Holy Spirit would lead for direction, inspiration, anointing, open doors, open heart, discernment, vision….

Patti’s trip:  We believe God has also clearly orchestrated the opportunity during this same time-frame for me to return to my beloved Italy.  I have continued to be burdened for the souls of those with whom I still have deep relationships from my years living there.  This trip has one purpose – for me to intentionally visit these ladies and clearly share the Gospel with them. This may very well be the last time I will see them face to face.  Please pray for the Holy Spirit to effectively communicate His plan of redemption through me, even though my Italian is second-language.  I relate to Moses…”I am not a skilled/eloquent speaker!”…but they have witnessed my life for years and know my deep love for them.  Please pray specifically for ripe/ready hearts and “good soil” to receive the Word.  And of course, for any other “God appointments” He wants to make for me there!

Important Extras:
*This trip came about when I was making Bill’s flight arrangements.  I saw a deal for international flights using frequent flyer miles. (I had VERY few accumulated.) When I curiously looked at Italy flights – the ONLY date still available and at a SUPER LOW points amount…was on THE date that Bill was travelling!  So I booked a flight for FREE and I’ll be staying at friends’ homes.  Bill and I are on the SAME flight out of Sarasota!  Whaaat?! Then I was able to route him back from Kenya through Rome and we will fly home together, too!!!!  Woooooooooow.
*Sickness – Last of all, and most pressing, is that Bill has become quite sick with some flu-like infection since Friday.  Please pray against this illness with us and ask for healing for Bill and protection for me to not come down with this. THANK YOU…and we look forward to sharing good reports with you!!